Our leathers are chosen for their longevity, quality, luxurious soft texture and tactile feel, from the finest quality lambskin leather. Ethically sourced, sustainable skins, by-products of agriculture industries.  Leather, being a natural material will of course have slight imperfections in colour and texture and are not to be considered faults, they simply add to the uniqueness of each piece. We believe the beauty of leather only grows as it’s worn from adventure, broken in and moulded to fit. Being a natural skin and a more delicate fabrication it requires LOVE + CARE !  

Now that you have a luxe 2NDSKIN leather piece, you’ll want to take care of it!

Please read our LOVE + CARE for our tips!

“Leather, a slow-fashion material due to its ability to withstand wear and tear, which can last in your closet for lifetime."


Light weight and finely grained leather, known for its luxurious butter soft texture, ideal for clothing. It’s this feeling that sets it apart from other luxury leathers. Silky smooth, almost luxury.


Perfectly imperfect. Leather in its purest form. It will mark, it will change and develop its own patina, but that’s all part of its appeal! Luxe look with a super soft natural feel. Made from the best quality hides this full grain leather has no pigmented or topcoat applied. It has not been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections or natural markings with each piece having its own characteristic features. Variations in colour and surface are part of its appeal. Suited to those willing to put in a little more effort for a little more luxury.